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Ruven and Sadie (nee Rincover) Henkin

Ruven was born May 23, 1887 in Mogilev, Russia (what is now Belarus).

His father had died suddenly in 1898 while his mother was pregnant. In 1906, the Russian government decided that his mother would be unable to successfully raise four young children without a husband, so agreed to send Ruven and his younger brother Samuel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn forestry (Forestry was a big business in Mogilev). Their older half-brother, Morris, was already there.

The two boys got to Amsterdam, but before they could buy their steamship tickets, they encountered some spurious individuals, who snookered them out of all their money.

Somehow, an aid society learned of their predicament, and was willing to help them.

However, the aid society wouldn't contribute the entire cost of two fares all the way to Argentina, so the boys were offered passage to Canada. They accepted, and soon landed in Montreal, traveled to Toronto, and settled there.


As soon as they could save the money, they arranged for their sister Anna to come join them, which she did in 1908. In 1909-1910, their mother and baby brother followed. Their half-brother Morris from Argentina joined them in 1913.

Ruven met a lovely young lady named Sadie Rincover, and on December 24, 1916, they married in Toronto. Their first son, Norm, was born there.


During WWI, they moved to Detroit, but returned afterward. Then, in early 1923, at the "encouragement" of their sister Anna, the whole Henkin families moved to Los Angeles.


Sadie helped with the family finances by working in the fur industry. She owned a special sewing machine which sewed the thin strips of fur together, to blend into a pleasing coat. Here's an ad for the type of sewing machine she used: Text not available
Fur-fish-game magazine from 1916.




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