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Joseph Katz and his family

Joseph Katz and his family about 1898
Joseph and his wife Ida (nee Peshachinsky) are standing. Ida's mother Yetta is sitting in front of her; Joseph's mother Esther is wearing the printed blouse.
Sadie is the older girl, Rose has her fingers touching, and Jacob is the boy. Chaim (Herbert) wasn't born yet!

Joseph Katz was born in 1866 in Lublin, Poland. He had two sisters and two brothers that we know of. His father died in 1872, and in December 1887, he'd left Poland and moved to Pavlograd, Ukraine (about 60 miles east of Lublin). There he married Ida Pesachinsky. By June 1889, they were living in Ekaterinoslav, where their daughter Sadie was born.

They were comfortable there, growing their family. His father-in-law, Chaim Yehudah, was a respected rabbi, and one brother-in-law had married into a large and rich family.

In 1906, Joseph and Ida decided to move their family to America. They were the last of Ida's family to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. (More details about the migration here)

Joseph's mother did not leave Ekaterinoslav that we know of, and we have no idea what happened to her.

Joseph's Parents and Siblings Ida's parents and Siblings


Joseph and Ida's children

Waiting on a good photo for Sadie Katz

Sadie Katz was born in 1888 in Ekaterinoslav. In 1910 she married Samuel Pollock in NYC.

Jacob Katz, about 1913-1916

Jacob Katz was born in 1890 in Ekaterinoslav. He was named for his father's father. He married Nora Belkin in 1913 in NYC. (More info)

Rose Katz, about 1921

Rose Katz was born in 1894 in Ekaterinoslav. She married David Lapidus in 1911 in NYC. (More info).

Herbert Katz, about 1927-1928

Chaim (Herbert) Katz was born in 1900 in Ekaterinoslav. He was named for his mother's father. In 1923, in NYC, he married Tillie Kaufman.


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