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Joseph Herincover and Shifra Wiesenthal

Joseph and Shifra Rincover, and Ruby Henkin
Shifra Rincover, Ruby Henkin, and Joseph Rincover. Photo taken in Toronto, 1917-1920.


At the turn of the last century, life was hard in Galati, Romania. Although his brothers and their families were content to remain there, Joseph Harincover decided to move his family to America. His wife was Shifra Wiesenthal, and their children were Mary, Golde, Lazar, and Sadie.

In 1902, Joseph, Lazar and Mary made the transatlantic trip to Toronto, Canada. His wife and the other two children followed later.

But the family wasn't without kindred in the new country. Shifra convinced her sister, Rifka, to also come to Canada. Toronto offered opportunities for better jobs and lives, so both families settled there.

Joseph and Shifra were married in Romania, and all their children were born there.

Joseph emigrated to Canada in 1902 with his son Lazar and oldest daughter Mary. Shifra and the other two daughters Golde and Sadie followed later.

In 1920, Shifra died. Two years later, Joseph married her widowed sister, Rifka. They did not have any other children.

Joseph died in 1945, and Rifka died in 1950.

Joseph's Parents and Siblings Shifra's Parents and Siblings


Joseph and Shifra's children:

Mary Rincover was born in 1885 in Bucharest, Romania. She married Morris Donnenfield in Toronto about 1907.

Louis Rincover

Lazar (Louis) Rincover was born in 1888, somewhere in Romania. He married Ida Shulman in Toronto in 1916.

Golde Rincover Sacks

Golde Rincover was born in 1889 in Galati, Romania. She married Michael Sacks in 1907 in Toronto.

Sadie Rincover Henkin

Sadie Rincover was born in 1896 in Galati, Romania. She married Ruven Henkin in 1916 in Toronto.

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