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Mystery Photos - Herincover and Wiesethal

Who are these two ladies?
Is this Sadie Rincover or someone else?

These two photos are on the front and back of a pillow. The pillow is from the estate of Ruven and Sadie Henkin (nee Rincover). The images are actually printed on the fabric, which was an uncommon technique at that time (1910-1920).

The single woman on the right may be Sadie Rincover; are the other two her sisters Golde and Mary? Or are they three other women? Click on either image to see a larger view.


Rincover and Cohen -- Wiesenthal
This photo was taken around 1920 - 1922 in Toronto. (Click on the photo for a larger view) We know for sure who some of these people are. We think we know who others are. And for a few, we have no idea at all. If you can clear up any of these questions, please let us know!




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