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Jack and Nora Katz

Jack Katz and his family
Jack and Nora Katz and their children: Jesse, Hy, Mildred, and Sylvia.

Jack was born in Ekaterinoslav, on September 23,1890. He was named after his grandfatherJacob Katz, who'd died a few years earlier (abt. 1878). Jack had three older sisters and a younger brother.

His uncle Isaac Penson had married a woman in Ekaterinoslav: Sonia Belkin. Sonia was the oldest child in her family, with eight younger sisters and brothers. Sonia and her family came to the U.S. in 1904; Jack came in 1906 with his mother, two sisters, and brother.

Jack grew up, and adjusted to beng in America. His life changed, however, when Sonia's youngest sister immigrated. On August 6, 1913, Nora Belkin arrived at Ellis Island. She livved with her sister and that family.

Soon after Nora arrived, Jack came to visit his uncle Isaac. Upon seeing Nora, he fell head over heels in love. He told her he would come to visit every single day until she consented to marry him. It took just over a week, and on November 3, 1913, they were married.

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