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The Pesachinsky Family

Chaim Yehudah Pesachinsky
Yetta (Shimernitsky) Pesachinsky

Chaim Yehudah Pesachinsky. Photo taken in Russia, probably early 1890's

Yetta Pesachinsky, in New York City. Photo taken probably 1915-1924


in the late 1800's, Chaim Yehudah Pesachinsky was a well-respected rabbi in the Ukraine, Russia.

He married an unknown woman; they had children, then she died.

He then married Yetta Shimernitsky, a woman 20+- years younger. (We don't have dates for any of these events.)

Chaim and Yetta had children, including Chaim Yehudah's only son, Isaac.

Some family stories relate that Isaac was the only child of Chaim Yehudah and Yetta, and that the three daughters were from his first wife. But the dates we have seem to contradict this, so we're not sure which wife had which kids.

Chaim Yehudah died, before 1901. By 1879, his family was living in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine. The family grew, his children married and had babies.

But then 1905 brought a pogrom.

And the Cossacks occasionally stormed the house because a rabbi lived there. Chaim Yehudah's children and their families decided to leave.

In 1904, the first to leave were Chaim's son Isaac, and his son-in-law, Solomon Sochinetsky. Isaac arrived February 14, 1904 on the SS Main from Bremen, Germany, and Solomon arrived on the SS Kroonland from Antwerp, Belgium, on February 17, the same week. We don't know why they traveled from separate cities only to arrive almost simultaneously in New York City.

Isaac's passenger list
Solomon's passenger manifest
Issac's immigration   Solomon's immigration

Isaac's family travelled with him: wife Sonya (later known as Sunny), and their infant son Lazar (Louis).

Solomon travelled alone. It took almost TWO YEARS before, his family was able to follow: his wife Ruchel/Rose and their two daughters, and his mother-in-law Yetta Pesachinsky, arrived on January 14, 1906.

Last to travel were Joseph and Ida and their family, arriving December 14, 1906.

Chaims third daughter, Nadia, suffered from seasickness. When her family decided to move to America, Nadia realized she'd never be able to survive for the 10-14 days the trip would take. So, 1908-1910, she and her husband Moise Dic, moved their family to Paris, France, where he had relatives. They settled there to this day.

Note: any specific dates mentioned below are gathered from research and actual documents. We realize that some dates may conflict with other information and each other, but leave the corrections until further research is done.

Chaim Yehudah's Parents and Siblings Yetta's Parents and Siblings

Chaim Yehudah's children:

Ida Pesachinsky Katz

Ida (Chaya Freide, or "Hyfreide") was born November 24, 1869 in Pavlograd, Russia. (There are two Pavlograds near Ekaterinoslav, and we're not yet sure which one is hers.) In December 1887, while still in Pavlograd, she married Joseph Katz. (More Info.)

Nadia Pesachinsky Dick

Nadia (Eidla) was born June 21, 1875, in Pavlograd, Russia. On Sept 2, 1894, she married Moise Dic (Morris Dick), in Russia. (More Info)

Isaac (Pesachinsky) Penson

Isaac was born March 13, 1879 in Ekaterinoslav, Russia (now Ukraine). Around 1904, while still in Russia, he married Sonya (Sofia) Belkin. (More info.)

Rose Pesachinsky Schatz

Rose (Ruchel) was born August 5, 1879 in Ekaterinoslav, Russia (now Ukraine). She married Solomon Sochinetsky. They Americanized their surname to "Schatz" after immigrating to America.





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