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Isaac Penson

Isaac and Sonya in Russia
Isaac and Sonia Penson


Isaac was born in Ekaterinoslav, Russia (now Ukraine). His parents were Chaim Yehudah Pesachinsky, a well-respected rabbi there, and Yetta Shimernitsky.

According to his Declaration of Intention to become a U.S. citizen, he was born March 13, 1879. Conflicting data!

While still in Ekaterinoslav, Isaac met Sonia Belkin, daughter of a successful businessman. She was the oldest of ten children.

(Later, Sonia's youngest sister immigrated to be with her. Nora married Jack Katz, Isaac's nephew. More info.)

Isaac's Parents and Siblings Sonia's Parents and Siblings


Isaac and Sonia's children:

No photo yet for Louis Penson Louis (Lazar) was born September 7, 1903 in Ekaterinoslav. He came to America with his parents, then later married Jean Bloom.
No photo yet for Harvey Penson Harvey was born February 22,1905 in NYC. He was named for his father's father.
Ann Penson Ann was born in NYC.
Jack Penson in 1919 Jack was born Feb 5, 1910 in NYC.



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