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David Sreberk

David married Feige Sreberk, somewhere in Russia. They had one son and three daughters that we know of: Fruma, Gita, and Sarah. (Of the son, we know only that his first initial was "A."

At some point, they moved clear across Russia, to Harbin, China. Harbin was at the east end of the great Siberian Railroad. While it was technically in China, it was just south of the border, and had a very large Jewish population.

We don't have a photo of their brother Their son, "A", immigrated to America before 1929. By then, he was living in Brooklyn, New York. His youngest sister Sara was supposed to join him after her arrival in San Pedro (Los Angeles), California, but she just stayed in California.
We don't have a photo of their brother Fruma married Morris Feldman while still in Russia / China. They had two daughters born in Harbin: _____ and _______.
We don't have a photo of their brother Gita was born in ______ in _______. She came to America, and settled in Los Angeles.
We don't have a photo of their brother Sarah was born in 1910 in Harbin, and came to Los Angeles in 1929. She married Nate Henkin, and they lived between Los Angeles and San Francisco.





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