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Chaim Zalman (Avrutin or Lavrutin)

We know very little about Chaim Zalman Avrutin and Minniega Yudinsky. We know they had at least two daughters,and possibly at least one son.

Rosa Avrutin

Rosa was born about 1853. She married Dov Berel Steingart in 1869. Dov Berel had probably died by 1904.

Rosa came to America in 1910. Although one of her sons Meier Herschel Steinhart, had already migrated in 1907, the passenger manifest noted that she was coming to her nephew, Meyer Lapidus.

On November 26, 1918, Rosa married again, to Hyman Katzman. They remained together until his death in 1937. She lived to be 93 years old before dying in 1948.

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Yetta (Ita) Avrutin

Yetta was born May 6, 1860 somewhere in Russia. She married Meier Lapidos in 1879, and raised her family in the Ekaterinoslav area, so may have been born there.

Yetta came to America in 1906, with her husband Meier Lapidos, and their two youngest children, Ida and Sam.

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