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Nachum Genkin

Nachum was born in 1850, somewhere north of Mogilev, in Belarus. From what we know so far, he was the first child born to his parents, Mordechai and Basa.

He was married twice, first to Sara Feige Greneshova (Greneshova means "daughter of Gronom") . She was almost his age, just one year younger. They had three known sons: Abraham, Moise, and Baruch . (We don't yet know if they had any daughters). She died sometime between July 22, 1881 (when their son Baruch was born) and July 17, 1885.

At that time and place, Nachum wouldn't have been expected to raise his chldren alone, so on July 17, 1885, he married Hinde Berlin. According to our most reliable research, he was 35 years old; she was only 16.

Nachum and Hinde had three children: Ruven, Anna, and Samuel.

Then, in 1898, while Hilda was pregnant with their fourth child, Nachum died.

Hilda Berlin Henkin
Hilda Berlin Henkin, in the early 1940's. (Click on photo for a larger view in a pop-up window)

Hilda was left a widow, raising four young children. In 1906, her two oldest sons migrated to Canada, although they were supposed to go to Buenos Aires. (Hilda's step-son Morris was waiting for them there.)

Daughter Anna followed her brothers to Canada around 1908, Hilda and baby Nathan in 1909, and the stepson Morris from Buenos Aires came in 1913.

We don't know what happened to the first two sons of Nachum. Did they grow up and marry, raise families, and their decendants survive today, somewhere? Or did they die young, or in the Holocaust? If you have any information, please contact the webmaster.


Hilda traveled wherever her children moved. Which means she was in Toronto a few years, then Detroit, back to Toronto, then in early 1923 moved to Los Angeles, California.

Around 1925, her son-in-law Edmund bought a duplex at 1055 and 1057 Sentinel Ave, in downtown Los Angeles. He had a "pass-through" cut between the shared wall of the two residences. Hilda and her youngest son Nate lived at 1057, and Edmund and Anna Kassan and their children lived at 1055. Anna did all the cooking for both families, and shared the meals through the pass-through.

Hilda never learned English. Her children and grandchildren conversed with her in Yiddish.

She died April 19, 1942, and is buried in Los Angeles.

Nachum's Parents and Siblings Hilda's Parents and Siblings


Children of Nachum and Sara Feige
Abraham was born Mar 26, 1875 in Mogilev. We don't know anything more about him, but would love to find any descendants.
We don't have a photo of this person yet
Morris Chaim was born Jun 30, 1876 in Mogilev. He was named either for his grandfather, Mordechai or his great-grandfather Moshe. As a young man, he emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, but in 1913, migrated again to Toronto to be with his half-brothers Ruven, Sam, etc. He moved to Los Angeles when they did, and became a locksmith, working out of his used Model T Ford. He never married, and died in 1932.
Baruch was born Jul 22, 1881 in Mogilev. We don't know anything more about him, but would love to find any descendants.
Children of Nachum and Hinde
We don't have a photo of their brother
Ruven was born on May 23, 1887 in Mogilev. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1906 with his brother Sam. He married Sadie Rincover there.
We don't have a photo of their brother
Samuel was born Aug 8, 1889, in Mogilev. He traveled with Ruven to Toronto in 1906. After moving to Los Angeles, he met Minnie Kechner, and they married on Sept 12, 1931.
Anna Henkin Kassan
Anna was born Aug 19, 1892 in Mogilev. In 1908, she followed her brothers Ruven and Sam to Toronto. She married Edmund Kasanovich there in 1912, and convinced her brothers and mother (and accompanying relatives) to move to sunny Los Angeles.
Nate Henkin
Nathan (Nate) was born in Feb. 16, 1898 in Mogilev. His father died a few months before he was born, so he was given his father's name. He came to Toronto around 1909 with his mother. They moved to Los Angeles with the rest of the family. In Los Angeles, he met Sarah Sreberk, the woman who would become his wife.


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