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Dnepropetrovsk Yizkor Book (Memory Book for Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine)

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Page 116
Synagogues in Yeketerinslav (Synagogues, Chaders, Minyans)

In the year 1887 there were 17 synagogues and Chaders and 10 permanent Minyans and they were in these places:

1. The Great Synagogue on Yevryskaya Street
2. The Great Synagogue on Kazatsya Street
3. The Great Synagogue on Difavrik Street (The Factory)
4. The Small Synagogue on Difavrik Street (The Factory)
5. The Synagogue "Oruch Tfilah"
6. The Synagogue "Ohel Moshe"
7. The Chader "Haelyon"
8. The Chader "Daigron"
9. The Chader "Tfilat Yeshuron"
10. The Chader "Hachnesat Orchim"
11. The Chader "Minhag Nusach" (Ashkenazic) (Just like in entire Ukraine, Nusach Hatifilah the entire service was in Sephardic, in the Main Synagogue "The Konyali" the entire service was in Ashkenazic)
12. The Chader "Hatichton"
13. The Chader "Bet Achvah Difavnk"
14. The Chader "Chavrat Tihilim Difavrik"
15. The Chader New Planis
16. The Chader "Lanifchin"
17. The Chader "Nidvat Lev"
18. The Permanent Minyan "Chochlovkin"
19. The Permanent Minyan "Rebbe Yaakov Lipshitz"
20. The Permanent Minyan "Rebbe Tsvi'
21. The Permanent Minyan "Anshe Chayil"
22. The Permanent Minyan "Rebbe Zalman Manuchin"
23. The Permanent Minyan "Shel Herid"
24. The Permanent Minyan "Zalitsky"
25. The Permanent Minyan "Walushin"
26. The Permanent Minyan "Grunim"
27. The Permanent Minyan "Shel Hahekdesh"

During the last two decades of the 1800s, these were the Synagogues and Chaders:
1. The Great Synagogue on Yevryskaya Street (The Koriyali)
2. The Synagogue on Kazachya Street
3. The Synagogue on Troeytskaya Street
4. The Synagogue on Novosalanaya Street
5. The Synagogue on Vazolovskaya Street
6. The Synagogue on Pelosofskaya Street
7. The Synagogue on Alekhsandrovskaya Street
8. The Synagogue on Yordanskaya Street
9. The Synagogue on Starodvonanskaya Street
10. The Synagogue on Gimnastichaskaya Street
11. The Synagogue on Balcovaya Street
12. The Synagogue on Kodashvaskaya Street ("Shel Hachelim")
13. The Synagogue New "Piyorovi"
14. The Synagogue Old "Piyoroviz"
15. The Synagogue "Bakidoki"
16. The Synagogue Of the Wind ("Shel Hanifchim")
17. The Synagogue "Bachachalavki"
18. The Synagogue "Shel Pialyya"
19. The Chader in the top floor of the Main Synagogue
20. The Chader in the basement of the Main Synagogue
21. The Chader in the Orphanage on Pelosofskaya Street
22. The Chader at the money exchange of Dr. Hamorchazi
23. The Chader at the old age home
24. The Chader on Kazachya Street not far from the Synagogue on the same street


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