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Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine

The house of Sergey Paley in Ekaterinoslav,
where Ussishkin lived

Ekaterinoslav was named for Czar Catherine - "Catherine's City". After the revolution of 1917, not only were the Czars overthrown, so was everything they stood for. So the city was renamed Dnepropetrovsk, because it was on the Dneiper River.

Dnepropetrovsk Yizkor Book

Yizkor means "memory" in Hebrew. After the end of World War II, hundreds of Jewish communities in Europe and Russia had been decimated, and the great majority of their Jewish residents killed.

In the 1950's - 1970's many of the survivors of those communities decided to write books to remember the community that no longer existed, and their friends and relatives who died. These books are called "yizkor books".

The Dnepropetrovsk Yizkor Book was written in 1972. It has a history of the city from its beginning in 1778, with a focus on the Holocaust. Unlike some other Yizkor books, it has no list of those who died, but nevertheless mentions many of its more well-known residents throughout history.

The book was written in Hebrew. If you'd like to help translate a bit, let us know! We can email, ground-mail, or fax you 1, 2, or ? pages. We share the book so that others may appreciate what happened there.

Below is the Table of Contents. Click here to read the index, listing all the names mentioned in the book.

Table of Contents

Cover and Title Page Title page
Foreword 5
Efraym Strod za"l 7 – 8
Memories Collection Chanania Richman 9- 10

This is the History:

The Jews in Yekaterinoslav – Dnepropetrvosk Yaakov Goldburt
(Beginning with the days of Alexander II)



The Sionist Movement in Yekaterinoslav [during the days of Chivat Sion] Dr Israel Cloizner 41-45
Yekaterinoslav People in the First and Second Alyah 46
The Struggle. Dr S. Levin za"l 46-49
Memories of a voyage. Elchanan Levinsky za"l 50
From my Memories. Hadassa Rachel Birman 51-55
The Self Defense during October 1905. Dalman 56-59
Zionism in Yekaterinoslav, First Congress Days. Yaakov ben Menachem 60-67
The Community. Dr Yaakov Kostrovsky 68-69
The Jewish Polytechnicum Y. G . 69-71
Self Defense 1917-1919 Y. G. 72-74
My meeting with Dr Yosef Chazonovich. Dr Yaakov Kostrinsky 75
The Joint in Yekaterinoslav. Shelomo Taslitzky 76
In the beginning. The youth Zionism activities. Abraham Milshtein 77 78
"The re birth" "Hatechia" Aaron Becker 79-82
My visit to Dnepropetrvosk in 1958. Batya Risking 83-84
Abraham Shlonsky in a chat with the editors of this book 84-85

The Holocaust:

The Shoah in Dnepropetrvosk Dr Tzvi Harcabi 89-92
Shoah days in Dnepropetrvosk. Dr Roza Leikina za"l . 93-104
Dnepropetrvosk in Yiddish. David Bergelson 105-107
Dnepropetrvosk in Hebrew. David Bergelson 107-108
The Town on the Dnieper. S Ortenberg 109-110

Torah Life:

Yekaterinoslav rabbies. Harav Yehuda Leib Levin za"l 113-115
List of Synagogues in Yekaterinoslav 116
Rav Pinchas Gelman za"l 117-118
Rav Levy Ytzchak Shneierson za'l 118-119
Rav Yehuda Leib Levin za"l 119-122
The Yeshiva at Yekaterinoslav 122-124
The wise rav Moshe Carpas 125-127

Activist and Zionists

131- 146
Elyahu and Ytzchak Orshansky – Mikhael Maydansky - Haim Vitaly Livanda – Menachem Ussishkin – Baruch Spivak – Moshe Bruk – Shimeon Stanias Livsky – Sergei Paley – Dr Shmariahu Levin – Menachem Emanuel Brodshtein. Dr Yaakov Dolzansky – Leo Rotemberg- David Shmorgoner – Paul Pinchas Cohen – Zalman Ostrovsky – Dr Boris Chanis - Shelomo Braslavsky – Baruch Toporovsky – Menachem Shifman Ben Sira – Moshe Duchan – Israel Idelson [Bar Yehuda]  

In Memory:

149- 158
Yaakov Musaieff – Zalman Yupit – Moshe Risin – Dr Moshe Ophir Zolotravsky – Tzvi Sheftlson, Abraham Gutman - Dov Admoni – Yehuda Abisar – Daniel Wexler – Asher Pevzner – David Izraeli Rubin  
A letter from the Jewish partizan Rodinov from the URSS to the editor 159
Dr Mordechay Mark Schechter 160 - 161


A list of the Pictures (with details)  
A list of the Photographies (with details)  


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